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Torque Game Engine Demo 1.5

Torque Game Engine Demo 1.5 provides all game creation tool needed
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The Torque Game Engine has been updated to include wide screen display so you can see your game creations in even more detail. Anyone interested in developing their own commercial quality games will benefit from trying the Torque Game Engine Demo 1.5 which provides you with everything you need to get started. Included with the engine is a set of tools that are easy to use for creating your own virtual worlds and for altering terrain to suit your needs.

With cleaner event handling and windowing code, the Torque Game Engine demo also provides particle effects such as halo and sun lights, as well as soft shadows and weather effects, explosions and hurling projectiles. Extra kits are available to enhance your game creations. These resources include content packs that provide you with new environments and additional models, Torque ShowTool Pro, the Torsion Script Editor, the online documentation available to you when you use the Torque game engine is second to none as for every engine there is a community page for the sharing of good ideas and creations which is part of the Torque Developer Network.

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